Well a happy 2020 to you. The top news for the club is that Bill Hohepa is now the club's webmaster. So if you have any information, club news or photos you think might be interesting to our members, You can send it all to Bill at Billhohepa@xtra.co.nz 

Just so you know the website has had 2002 hits from the 1st January to 24th January. Nice to see it's being looked at. 

The club committee meets every Thursday might at the Avonhead Tavern Withells Rd Christchurch from 5pm to 7pm.,

10th Feb: Here's a draft of my Studebaker Logo for the upcoming 2022 Nationals to be held at Beachlands near Auckland.

Here's a letter from one Steve McVerry re his 1926 Studebaker

Hi Bill

I am having problems getting a vehicle on the road. Its a 1926 Studebaker open car which at some time in its life has had the the back half of the body removed to make a pick up. As it will be modified the LVVTA are involved and as usual with bureaucracy are being difficult. Because there are no old number plates or ownership papers rego history etc they are saying the vehicle cannot be re registered as a 1926 Studebaker but as its a very complete car it cannot be registered as being built from a collection of parts. So it cannot be returned to the road.
They have suggested contacting the Studebaker Drivers club to see if there is any history available to identify the car and if any members may be aware of specific details of my car.
I understand the car is a 1926 Studebaker and as it had upright windscreen posts was possibly a Californian top model. The engine it had was a Standard six. I have sold the engine and gearbox to one of your members in the West Coast South Island. The car also had solid wheels and a front brake conversion which was boosted by the gearbox. It also had 6 round instruments in the dash panel The only tags on the car is a body number plate  number 41436 and a body by Studebaker plate.
I have attached a couple of pics of the car and would appreciate any information your members may be able to provide regarding my car and its possible history
Best regards Steve McVerry Ph 021 898 236

Here are two photos of Steve's Studebaker. If you can assist give Steve a call.

Welcome to two new members, Paul and Lynley Everett with their 1951 Champion and to Alex and Jo Rees with their 1963 Lark. The photo of Paul and Lynley's car is in the gallery

Also welcome to new members - Derek and heather Jones of Kaikoura with their 1957 Golden Hawk. No doubt we'll see them at the Nationals. 

So anything newsy - email me Billhohepa@xtra.co.nz